Marc & Jackie's wedding - I am speechless with how absolutely amazing it was! They were married in Middleburg and had their reception at the Middleburg Community Center. It rained But in true Jackie fashion, she totally went with it and never complained once and we were able to take all of their bridal photos outdoors in the beautiful garden center.

Jackie mentioned at one point before her wedding day that everyone better dance. I must say this might be the first wedding I've done where almost everyone was dancing the minute the music came on. Their party lasted all night and concluded with an amazing sparkler exit. These two were so incredibly fun and Jackie holds a special place in my heart for being such a kind/caring person. The couple lives in Richmond but decided to have their wedding this way and I am so glad because it allowed me to cross their path and spend the *best day ever* with them :).

Congrats Marc & Jackie!!!!!

**Sorry about the terrible websize image uploads, I tried something new and it definitely isn't my usual web size quality - lesson learned!**